Lunch in Ojai

13 Jan

I had a whole day with nothing planned which felt phenomenal. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do some exploring in Ojai. I took the CA-150 Route since I previously had only gone via CA-33. It was to my surprise and delight that I found views like the picture above. The road takes you right along Lake Casitas which is just beautiful with the mountains set around it. Once it Ojai, my mom and I did some exploring. There are a bunch of shops which were fun to look in. When it was time to eat, we ended up going to a natural food store that had a cafe called Rainbow Bridge. When I asked if they had gluten-free bread available for their sandwiches, the lady behind the counter told me that they had Udi’s! Woohoo!

I got a veggie sandwich that had avocado, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots and sprouts. It was the perfect veggie sandwich. I definitely want to return to Ojai to try some of the restaurants in the area that I have read about.

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