Anderson’s Danish Restaurant & Bakery

4 Jan

Photo from Anderson's Website

It was so incredibly nice out today in Santa Barbara so my husband and I went for walk along State Street after I got off of work. I have always been intrigued by Anderson’s, so we walked inside to take a look. Inside is a large baked goods case with tasty looking items. I asked one of the staff if they happened to any gluten-free items. What followed was amazing. He pointed out about ten items that were GF, all of which sounded like they would be incredibly good. He also offered a sample of any of them to us. I couldn’t resist, so I chose an item that sounded like it would be a good choice… something with a chocolate exterior and a creme filling. It reminded me of Yodels, a treat I used to love back in the gluten eating days. I will definitely be returning to try everyone one of those items… especially the APPLE PIE!

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