Tree Room at Sundance Resort

13 Dec

One of the days we were in Utah, we skied at Sundance Resort which is close to the home we were staying at. During the day, my husband and I had Kind Bars for lunch. When it was time for dinner, we were hungry. We went to the Tree Room at Sundance. First, there was an amuse bouche that was served. Since they couldn’t verify if it was GF, they gave me strawberries with balsamic that were good. I then had the special soup which was a corn soup with some chives and other tasty ingredients that I don’t remember.

This was particularly good, especially since we had been out in the cold all day. For my main dish, I had the duck. To be honest, I don’t think I have ever ordered duck before in my life. I just saw that it was served with risotto which sounded really appealing that night.

This was served with butternut squash, pecan risotto, brussels sprouts, cranberry and a molasses glaze. Consider me a duck fan.

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