Woodstock’s Pizza

13 Nov

This weekend I had my lacrosse alumni game at UCSB. It is a tradition to go to Giovanni’s in Isla Vista after the game for some pizza and pitchers of beer. Now I couldn’t drink the beer due to it being gluten-filled and the fact that I was one of the drivers. However, I knew that Woodstock’s Pizza nearby has gluten-free pizza available now. I decided to call and see if they could deliver one of their GF pizzas to Giovanni’s. The guy on the phone had to make sure it was ok with his manager, which it was. About twenty minutes later, I met the delivery guy outside and got the delicious looking pizza shown above. This was a larger GF pizza. The sauce on the pizza was really good. I really liked this pizza since it wasn’t trying to be gourmet. It was just good sauce and good cheese on a decent crust. I ended up having plenty as leftovers, so this would be a good pie to get for sharing.

On a side note, congratulations to my fellow Gaucho lacrosse alumni who beat the current school team 8-7.

2 Responses to “Woodstock’s Pizza”

  1. suze November 14, 2011 at 5:31 am #

    Very creative way to obtain GF pizza when it is not on the menu!
    Wish I had been in SB to cheer on the Gauchos! Congratulations!


  1. Future Restaurant Posts « gluten-free in sb - November 17, 2011

    […] Woodstocks Pizza (pizza) – It would have been nice to have a GF pizza option in Isla Vista while I was still at UCSB! Posted! […]

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