3 Nov

With the lighting, that doesn’t look too appetizing. But the smoked ham, lentil and red wine braised chard soup I started with at Intermezzo had a lot of flavor. I wasn’t looking to eat too much tonight so I just got some soup and vegetables. The market vegetables were fresh and perfectly dressed with some balsamic.

Now both of these items were great. But what I really wanted was the truffled parmesan french fries. Unfortunately, they are not made in a dedicated fryer. However, the husband enjoyed them immensely.

After eating, we went next door to the Au Bon Climat tasting room. This is one of my favorite pinots from this area, so I am very excited that they finally opened their own tasting room!

In other news, there appears to be a large hole on the butt of my jeans that was discovered while out tonight. Apparently this blog is not good for my waistline.

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