Plow and Angel

2 Nov

This evening, we went to Plow and Angel at the San Ysidro Ranch. Plow and Angel is the more casual dining option at San Ysidro Ranch. They also have Stonehouse which is more upscale. Both eateries have outdoor patios that are the most romantic, magical setting you can ever imagine. Seriously. If you have a special occasion that is worth celebrating, sit outside and just be in awe.

On to the food…. the first thing you will notice on the Plow and Angel menu is that it says on the bottom, “We are happy to accommodate all dietary needs such as vegetarian and gluten free diets.” It is true. They are very knowledgeable about the GF diet and even have gluten-free pasta available to substitute in on any dish with pasta. Another thing worth mentioning? If you dine at Plow and Angel, you can also order any dish from the Stonehouse menu. I started with “SYR’s Famous Tortilla Soup”. It includes avocado, grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, and corn tortilla crisps. This soup was SO good. I already am thinking about going back just to get this soup again. Then, for my main, I got the Maine Lobster Bolognese with GF penne all Chitarra, tomatoes and basil.

Now this dish comes at a price ($69.00), but it was delicious. There was plenty of lobster meat and the bolognese style sauce complimented the dish perfectly. If you are on a budget, just ordering the soup and a salad would be satisfying and enjoyable as the setting outside is just that special.

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