Dinner in Montecito

22 Oct

Tonight we went to dinner with my parents who were in town for two days. We went to the family favorite, Tre Lune. I started with my go-to Insalata di Fagioli pictured above. It was great, as always with the perfect balance of white beans, cucumber, tomatoes, onions and parmesan. I had really worked up an appetite all day while at work so I decided to order three courses. The next thing I had was the Carpaccio con Rughetta.

Sliced incredibly thin, this went into my belly very quicky. The mustard dressing in the middle was nice and light and complimented the beef tenderloin really well. The main course I ordered was the special pasta which had prawns and a tomato sauce. I had the choice of penne or fusilli. The picture below was of my dad’s pasta. He had the same dish with the regular spaghetti.

The only thing I didn’t like about this was that I prefer not to remove the heads. We requested them to be removed but the restaurant was too busy to accommodate us. Therefore, my dad had the task of removing both of our prawns’ heads. Yuck. I topped mine with the hot oil that they serve with their pizzas. It gave it the perfect about of heat. This meal paired with a wine from Puglia, Italy was extremely satisfying after a long and busy day at work.


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