Alchemy Arts Cafe

17 Oct

I decided to try out Alchemy Arts Cafe for lunch today since places that focus on health tend to be gluten-free friendly. After looking over the menu, I asked the waiter which items were GF. He wasn’t sure so he went to the kitchen to check. Moments later, he returned to inform me that EVERYTHING on the lunch menu was gluten-free. I tried to conceal my sheer joy at being able to order anything on the menu. After much perusing, I finally decided on the Cabbage Wraps and the Pumpkin Soup with Dandelion. The wraps were light and refreshing. These by themselves would be plenty for a light lunch.

The pumpkin soup was very good. It was very hearty though and I found myself struggling to finish both items. The one thing I would say is that I wasn’t too crazy about the taste of the dandelion. I know that it is supposed to be very healthy and cleansing for the body, but I just wasn’t a huge fan. Luckily for me, it was very easy to avoid the dandelion and enjoy the soup. Overall, I found the cafe to be the perfect place to have lunch while I immersed myself in a book.

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