Pizza Mizza

6 Oct

The Classic Margherita Pizza

We tried to go to Taffy’s tonight to try their GF pizza. When we got there though, they told us that they didn’t have any crusts at that moment. We were kind of set on pizza, so we decided to try Pizza Mizza instead. I am very glad we did. These GF pizzas were 9″ so they were more of a personal pie size. I liked the crust a bit better than Pizza Guru’s. It was firm enough to pick up, and it had a good taste to it. We ordered the Classic Margherita Pizza with garlic and the Pesto Veggie Combo without mushrooms. My husband and I both liked the Pesto Veggie Combo better than the Margherita but they were both tasty. As far as the cross contamination issues, I was told that they use a different pizza cutter for the GF pies. However, I had to request that the pizza be placed on a separate surface than their regular pizzas. So, if you eat GF out of necessity, make sure that you follow-up with the staff.

Pesto Veggie Combo Pizza

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